Ideal for Gaining or Re-Gaining Weight.

weight gain smoothie

The smoothie weight gain plan is a very easy way to gain weight

By using shakes & smoothies that are exactly right for you.

For example..

  • Just want to gain weight? – use an extra calorie shake.
  • Go to the gym? – use a high protein weight gain shake.
  • Skip meals or no appetite? – an easy to drink weight gain shake.
  • Etc., etc.


So why is it different ?

Most weight gain methods are designed to boost your calorie intake simply by telling you to eat more, or using very high calorie drinks.

And very often won’t work if you ‘just want to put on a bit of weight’, or are the wrong age, work shifts, etc.

The problem with most other methods is that you

  • Either have to change your diet –  often forcing yourself to eat larger meals or eat very often.
  • Or drink very high calorie shakes – that often don’t taste very nice and you will be struggling to drink on a regular basis


The smoothie weight gain plan is different because it contains shakes and smoothies designed around your own individual needs and objectives.

For example do you

  • Play sport or go weight training ? –  You will need an extra calorie smoothie with extra protein.
  • Have a Poor appetite or Skip Meals?You might want an very easy to drink smoothie.
  • Eat normally or lots ? – You will need extra calories smoothie and extra vitamins.


How to Start ?

2 Options:

1. Just want to start ?

If you just want to gain weight and ‘fill out’

Then the easiest way is to use a specialised weight gain shake mix powder.

The one we recommend is the shake mix from Herbal Energy.

Because it

  • Contains exactly the ideal level of calories,
  • Is ideal for a smoothie weight gain plan and
  • Has been proven to work ‘time and time’ again.


In addition (a key advantage) is that it can be personalised to work for you. (so you are using exactly the right type of weight gain shake)

Details from Herbal Energy


2. Also want to ‘get a great shape‘?

Then you need to combine diet with exercise.

The Herbal Energy site also has specialised weight gain shakes for ‘body building’ but in addition have a look at Jason Ferruggia’s plan.

It has a 12 week ‘step by step’ weight gain plan

That will show you:

  • The right exercises to do to fill out, gain weight & muscles.
  • Exercises you can do at home or in the gym

For more details visit the specialised site:

Click Here to visit Jason’s site