Ideal for Gaining or Re-Gaining Weight.

weight gain shake

The smoothie weight gain plan is a very easy & fast way to gain weight

By using shakes & smoothies that are exactly right for you.

For example..

  • Just want to gain weight? – use an extra calorie smoothie.
  • Go to the gym? – use a high protein weight gain shake.
  • Skip meals or no appetite? – an easy to drink weight gain smoothie or shake.
  • Etc., etc.


How does it work ?

When you follow the smoothie weight gain plan all you do is drink a shake or smoothie after your meals, without making any other changes.

  • The shakes & smoothies will be quick & easy to make
  • And exactly right for your own individual needs and objectives.


The plan contains 3 key elements.

Step 1 – Select your ideal weight gain shake or smoothie

The first stage is to select exactly the right type of shake or smoothie that will work for you.

In our weight gain plans we always recommend using a ‘ready made’ shake mix – simply because they will contain exactly the right ingredients to help you gain weight.

There are very many different types of weight gain shake mixes – and selecting the right one will be key to your success.

You can use the powder to make either a shake or smoothie. Simply blend it with milk for a weight gain shake, or with water or fruit juice for a smoothie


Step 2 – Make sure you have a shake at breakfast

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a weight gain shake at breakfast.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – you need to provide your body with enough fuel to get going.

If you skip breakfast or not have enough, then your body is using your stored reserves making weight gain very difficult.

Adding a shake at breakfast will provide you with extra fuel – which will be stored as extra weight. However the key is to keep to your current regime – what you are eating at the moment – and then simply add a shake and drink after your current meal.

If you are

  • Skipping breakfast – simply drink a shake. You can blend it with water if you have no appetite, so it’s easy to drink. Or even make it the night before, if you have no time
  • Eating breakfast – then drink at after what you are eating now.


ideal weight gain smoothie

Step 3 – If you want fast results then add a few more shakes during the day

Simply making sure you have a shake or smoothie at breakfast will start helping you gain weight.

But (ideally) for best & fast results you should be adding a few more weight gain shakes during the day.

  • Either mid morning and mid-afternoon
  • Or after lunch or dinner


The type of shakes you use can be made to suit you.

Either simply make one of the basic shakes (which are very easy to make) or you can add items. Have a look at our weight gain shake recipes for ideas.


How to Start ?

2 Options

1. One to One Advice

Why not let us recommend a plan that will work for you?

There is no cost and we will take into consideration your own unique circumstances and objective.

One to one advice


2. Order online

Or alternatively our specialised online order site has a variety of different weight gain mix powders and ‘ready made’ weight gain plans.

  • Which contain exactly the ideal level of calories,
  • Are ideal for a weight gain shake plan and
  • Have been proven to work ‘time and time’ again.


More details on our specialised online order site.

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