Protein weight loss shake
Our most popular shake to lose weight – delicious, low in calorie and high in protein
Servings Prep Time
1Shake 1Minute
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
1Shake 1Minute
Cook Time
  1. For best results blend with a hand whisk or blender.
  2. Make Sure the Water is Cold
  3. Any of the mix powder flavours will work
  4. The Protein Drink Mix will make for a ‘thick & creamy shake’ – use protein powder if you prefer a thinner shake
Recipe Notes

The ideal weight loss shake

This is the main weight loss shake we recommend as an easy way to lose weight.


  • 204 Calories per Shake
  • 23 g Protein per Shake


Why is this ideal for Weight Loss ?

The key is to cut back on calories & take in the right amount of protein. In addition to a healthy balanced main meal, drinking enough water and ideally doing some exercise.

Breakfast is very important for weight loss – as regular meals help your metabolism.

For best weight loss results.

Simply replace your breakfast with this shake, but for best results try to also replace lunch. The extra protein and unique contents will help prevent hunger between meals.

Please note

The nutritional information is based on the formula 1 smoothie mix powder.

Values will change if you use one of the other specialised mixes – for example a mix designed for sport or one for muscle building, etc.

Similarly if you use protein powder the nutritional info will be slightly different, as they contain less protein & fat.

More details on the breakfast shake trial pack