Sport or Gym Weight Gain Plan

The ideal plan to gain weight.. If you go to the Gym or play Sport



Weightgain High Protein Plan

weight gain plan

This is the type of plan we recommend for weightgainers who either have a physically demanding job or go to the Gym or Play Sport.

To use this plan you will need:

  • Weight Gain Shakes for extra calories
  • Specialised Tablets designed to help your body convert food into extra weight.
  • Protein Powder to help your muscle


Why these 2 items?

1. Gain Weight ‘All-Over’

The first element is to make sure you are using a simple plan to gain weight ‘all over’ and start filling out.

The weightgain quickstart element in this plan is very easy to follow, and designed to:

1a. Add regular extra calories.

All you do is drink an extra shake & smoothie of each meal.

1b. Help convert food into extra weight

The second element is absorption. Especially if you are not eating a lot, then you need to make sure this is being used for weight gain. All you will need to do is to either add more fruit & veg or use specialised herbal tablets.

For more details have a look at the weight gain quickstart plan.

2. Sports Nutrition

build muscles

Whether you are working out in the gym, have a physically demanding job or play sport – you need to provide your body with the right nutrition at exactly the right time.


If you want to gain weight this is the most important time, as you need to ‘fuel up’ your body to protect your stored reserves.

What you use as fuel will vary on the intensity and length of your exercise (or work). The easiest way is to simply having an extra shake before you start.


That is the time to have protein – because that is when your muscles are most receptive to building.  Either have a shake with protein powder, or for better results use a specialised sports drink.

Quick Summary – Weightgain High Protein

The weightgain high protein plan contains 2 elements:

  1. Weightgain Quckstart – extra calories on a regular basis, as well as boosting his health.
  2. Sports Nutrition – fuel up before going, and extra protein afterwards.