Poor Appetite Weight Gain Plan

Ideal weight gain plan if you Skip meals or have a poor appetite.




The poor appetite weight gain plan

This is the ideal plan if you skip meals or are not hungry.

The weightgain extra calorie plan was designed for people who either skip meals or are simply not hungry.

To use this plan you will need:

  • Weight Gain Shakes for extra calories
  • Specialised Tablets designed to help your body convert food into extra weight.

The plan works by using a combination of extra calories shakes and specialised herb & mineral tablets.


Why these 2 items?

1. Extra Calories 

To gain weight you will need to take in extra calories, especially in the morning.

The early part of the day is key to gaining weight – you burn energy all day long and you simply ‘can’t catch up’.

The Right Type of Weight Gain Shake Mix

The type of mix you use will make all the difference, the key is to avoid protein shakes.

Because the right shake will be quickly absorbed for fast weight gain results and does not contain to much protein. (Protein tends to fill you up)

There are 2 elements in this plan:

1a. Extra ‘fuel’ in the Mornings

Especially breakfast & the mornings are important so you start the day the right way.

If you tend to skip breakfast have one as breakfast, or alternatively just eat your normal breakfast & have one afterwards.  (You can even make it the night before and keep in the fridge)

1b. Regular Extra Calories during the day

In addition a key element to gaining weight is to add regular extra calories, all day long.

All you do is simply drink an extra shake & smoothie after each meal. (& You can blend it with water or juice & keep it in a sport bottle if you can’t make one at work during the day)

2. Absorption

weight gain absorption

The second element was to absorption.

Especially if you are not eating a lot, then you need to make sure that everything you eat is being used to help you gain weight.

Either make sure you add more fruit & veg or use specialised herbal tablets.

For more details have a look at the weight gain quickstart plan.