The busy person diet plan

Ideal plan if you are to busy to diet


The weight loss plan for busy people is ideal if you have a hectic schedule & simply don’t have time to diet, count calories, etc.

For example if you have a busy job but want to lose weight, busy mum wanting to lose weight, etc.

Very easy to follow all you do is replace 1 or 2 meals with a specialised shake or smoothie.

It is so effective because the shakes & smoothies

  • Are ideal for Weight Loss (& Boosting energy)
  • Taste Great.
  • and are Quick & Easy to make


There are 2 options

Depending on your personal goals and lifestyle there are 2 options in the busy person diet plan you can use

  1. Either simply have a shake at Breakfast
  2. Or have a shake at Breakfast & Lunch.


In either option you can continue to eat your main meal as normal

In more detail :

1. Drink a Shake at Breakfast.The busy person diet plan

The shakes are ideal as a ‘quick & easy’ breakfast so you don’t have to calorie count or eat ‘special’ foods.

The shakes are calorie controlled, personalised to help you get best results and the ideal start to the day.

If you want to lose weight then simply combine them with any other diet plan.

2. Replace Breakfast & Lunch

Or the 2nd option is to replace 2 meals per day as a ‘stand alone’ diet plan

The shakes will work in either option because they

  • Provide your body with exactly the right ingredients to boost energy & stamina,
  • And contain the right level of protein to help prevent hunger and help your muscles.

Why not just try it ?

quick meal for runners

There is a very easy & simple way to see how it would work for you.

We have a trial plan with shake sachets so you can simply try it for yourself. Even if you replace only 1 meal you will notice a difference.

More Details on the Trial Pack