The little black dress diet plan

Our popular 4 week step by step plan for fast weight loss results


Our most popular method to lose weight & get a great shape…the little black dress diet plan

The little black dress diet plan is very easy to follow and a very effective way to lose weight. Simply by replacing meals you will lose weight & get great results.

But if you would like to get even better results….

For example to get into that ‘little black dress‘ (like the gorgeous Esprit Strapless Cocktail Dress shown right) then the little black dress plan will show you what to do in the next 4 weeks :

All you do is..

  1. Replace Breakfast & Lunch with a shake
  2. Eat the right main meal
  3. And add 10 to 20 minutes of exercise (each day) to boost your metabolism


Taking each one in turn :

Step 1 – Replace 2 Meals with a shake or smoothie...

Why ?

weight loss smoothie

Because meal replacement shakes provide you with calorie controlled meals, so you don’t have to worry about counting calories or following a diet plan.

The shakes will ‘fill you up’, boost energy and contain the ideal blend of ingredients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

Simply replace 2 meals per day (& drink plenty of water)

it’s as easy as that !

Step 2 – Eat the Right Main Meal


Step 2 in the little black dress diet plan is eat the right main meal

Why ?

Because the advantage of a smoothie or shake weightloss plan is that it’s a very easy system as you don’t need to change your main meal to lose weight.

But planning your diet in advance, eating the right main meal (and the right amount) is the 2nd key element in the little black dress plan

When we email you a recommendation this will include a plan showing you

  • How many calories you need to eat during the day to lose weight,
  • Linked with your daily protein needs (as described earlier) you will have a real diet ‘action’ plan.


We will show you the key items to focus on and provide you with some ‘meal ideas’, which will help you get the best results (based on your individual needs).

Step 3 – Add a bit of exerciserunning

A key element in the little black dress diet plan is to do everything possible to help your metabolic rate.

Why ?

Because your metabolic rate is simply a combination of all the processes in your body that require energy to burn calories. From breathing, to making your blood flow, keeping you cool, etc.

The higher you can make your metabolic rate – the more calories you will burn during the day, so you will get faster weight loss results.

What to do…

The best way is to add regular exercise to your diet plan.

Our plan below will show you exactly what to do on each day of the week.

How to Start ?

Starting the little black dress diet plan can’t be easier !

All you do is..

  1. Select the right diet plan for you
  2. Follow our day by day exercise plan


Taking each one in turn

How do you start the little black dress plan ?

We have been helping people lose weight for over 10 years.

1. Select the right diet plan for you

Why not let us take into consideration your objectives and email you the types of plan or products we would recommend. 

Our specialised weight loss site contains a variety of complete plans, as well as one to one advice.

So that you are using exactly the right plan for you.  (More Details)

2. And then add a bit of exercise…

exercise and diet plan

When you use any one of the plans above you will lose weight & notice a real difference.

But if you add regular exercise this will help help you get even better results (and help your shape).

That is why step 2 in the little black dress diet plan is to use a structured exercise plan that

  • helps build muscle (to help your metabolism)
  • and targets key areas of your body (to help your shape)


What to do…

Don’t forget that good weight loss plans work without exercise, but a bit (or regular exercise) will really speed up results and help your shape.

Simply follow the exercise tab for information on a plan that combines aerobic (like running, swimming) with resistance training (to help build muscles) .


3. Don’t forget..


The starting point to the little black dress diet plan has to be the weight loss plan you use.

Why not try the trial pack for a few days & see how you get on ?

Exercise Plan

Training Plan

How to Get a Great Shape in 4 Weeks


The first exercises of the week are designed to help your ‘lower part’ of the body (legs, thighs and tummy)

For Monday there are 2 options

  1. Haven’t done any exercise for a while ? start by walking for 30 minutes
  2. Already doing some exercise ? try running uphill (outside or on a treadmill)


Taking each one in turn :

2a. Walking for 30 minutes

According to research from the University of Virginia fast-paced walking, combined with healthy eating, can be hugely effective for weight loss.

But to be effective you will need to ‘stretch’ yourself, and as the weeks go by slowly increase the intensity and speed of your walking.

So how fast should you walk ?

Your speed will depend on how fast (or how often) you are walking at present.

The key to ‘fast walking’ is to go at a pace which you consider to be hard. The reason is that there is a strong relationship between intensity of exercise and fat-burning hormones. If you are ‘moving up a gear’ you’re likely to release more of these hormones. So that you not only burn calories – but you burn them faster.

To make sure your walking at the right speed use the guidelines below from exercise physiologist Tom Holland,

  • Stroll. Think window-shopping pace, or an intensity of 4 on a scale of 10. It burns about 238 calories an hour.
  • Brisk walk. This means an effort of 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. It burns up to 340 calories an hour (at a 3.5 to 4 mph pace). While you can gossip about Mad Men, you need to catch your breath every few sentences.
  • Power walk. You’re torching off approximately 564 calories an hour (at a 4 to 5 mph pace). Moving at this clip, using your arms to help propel you forward and taking longer strides, your effort should be a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. Talking is possible only in spurts of three or four words, but…you’d…rather…focus…on…breathing.


2b. Hill Running

The next ‘step up’ from walking is running.

Running is ideal exercise for your shape (and fitness), because it especially helps your ‘lower half’ shape. Try a doing a fast running session once a week in an interval style, alternating a full speed 15 second run with a 30 second jog.

But especially doing this ‘uphill’ will really help your shape – as it focuses on exactly the right muscles (your glutens and hamstrings) to improve your ‘lower’ shape.


On Tuesday we build on Monday’s exercises and continue to focus on helping you get a fit, and toned ‘lower half’

Because building strong quads and glutes will really help your shape.

Do – Squats, lunges, mountain climbers, and step-ups.

  1. Start with 15 Squats
  2. Then add 15 Lunges (ideal for great legs)
  3. Followed by 15 Mountain Climbers
  4. And then 15 Step-ups
  5. Perform 4 sets of these




This is a ‘rest and stretch’ day (10 minutes)

The key is to give your body time to repair and easy ‘sore’ muscles.

Doing some gentle stretching will help your muscles, and your flexibility.


This is an important 30 minute training session – very important for the little black dress diet plan because the focus is on burning fat and working on your core (helping your abs / tummy and main body)

This is why you will be doing an interval training method – where you

  1. do 45 seconds of exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest
  2. Keep doing this for 30 minutes.


The training involves doing high knee runs, push ups, crunches, standing oblique crunches, single leg hops, and a jump rope.


The key today is to do some exercise you really enjoy (and fits in with your lifestyle)

Doing regular exercise encourages your body to burn fat, the key being to focus on activity that is fun and healthy.

For example why not:

  1. Ride a Bike
  2. Go Swimming
  3. Play football, hockey, tennis
  4. Long Hike…


Ride a bike, swim, hike – do any physical


This is a very tough training day.

Where the objective of today is to work your glutes and core body muscles, because helping your ‘midsection’ and muscles in the lower body – will help your shape and definition.

This is the last workout of the week and try to really push yourself. (That is why combining it with the herbalife shakes, which provide energy and protein is so effective)

In this workout you will do the following moves:

  1. Multi-directional squat with bar
  2. Split squat to knee then to chest with foot on bench
  3. Box jumps
  4. Curtsey squats
  5. Hands and knees position, dumbbell heel to glute raise (bootie lift)
  6. Hands and knees position, heel to glute side lift


Try doing 12 reps of each exercise, and repeating the circuit twice.

If you’re not ready for an entire glute-focused routine, add some or all of these moves into your workout on two days of the week. I recommend doing a fast running session once a week in an interval style, alternating a full speed 15 second run with a 30 second jog. Repeat this a total of 8 times combined with a warm-up and cool-down for a perfectly balanced glute blasting workout.


Rest and recover.

Just have a leisurely Sunday to recover from the weeks exercise plan.

The next week simply carry on with your plan – and follow it for six weeks. Combined with a healthy, balanced diet you will see a real difference and feel great.

Simply follow this plan for 4 weeks, slowly increasing the intensity as you get fitter (and slimmer)


Don’t forget..


The starting point to the little black dress diet plan has to be the weight loss plan you use.

Why not try the trial pack for a few days & see how you get on?