Your own ‘Step by Step’ plan…..


There are lots of different smoothies, shakes & drinks.

But the ‘secret’ to getting the best possible results is to use exactly the right plan for you, based on your own unique circumstances and objectives.

  • Do you want to lose or gain weight ?
  • If you do sport or exercise :
  • How often you train, How long & how intensive
  • Do you need help with energy, stamina, recovery, joints, building muscles…..
  • Or do you simply want to get fit and tone up a bit ?


Why not let us email you a recommendation ?

Our new order site has an online program that will take into consideration your aims & objectives, and recommend the best plan to help you get fast, lasting results.

It will

  • Instantly show you how many calories & protein to eat for each meal.
  • Example meal plans.
  • The best products that would work for you.
  • As well as exercise video‚Äôs selected for you (based on our objectives)

For more details visit our new order & information site