Would you like some Extra Income?

But don’t have much time..

If you have a busy ‘hectic’ lifestyle it can be difficult to find a way of making more money.

Maybe you’ve thought about changing jobs, trying to a find a p/t evening job or flog a few items on ebay.

As Herbalife Distributor we’ve been in exactly the same position – where at the moment we run our own p/t business in the evenings next to a full time job.

Our business generate enough extra income to help pay the bills, a few holidays, etc.

All it needs is a few hours per week (maybe during one ‘free’ evening, or on the weekend, etc.). And anyone can do it – whether you are a student, work or a full time mum…

Interested ?

Simply answer the questions below and we will email you more information so you can decide if it’s something you would like to take further


Extra income