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Based in Cambridge we specialise in using shakes & smoothies to help people lose or gain weight and get better sport & exercise results for over 10 years.

So far we have provided

  • Over 10,000 ‘step by step’ plans
  • Very easy to follow…
  • Using the yummiest & most effective shakes or smoothies..


Because shakes & smoothies work..

After having helped more than 10,000 clients we have seen lots & lots of different methods people have tried to do to lose or gain weight..

Forcing themselves to ‘follow a diet plan’ they didn’t particularly enjoy, following restricted diets, etc. Similarly many people will have some sort of ‘shake powder’ tub half finished in their kitchen cupboard – which either didn’t work or the taste they simply didn’t like.

Most important advice ?

Enjoy your Shake or Smoothie Plan !!!

In most cases you will need to follow a plan for a number of weeks to see results.  If you enjoy your plan this will make it a lot easier, and also help you get better (& more lasting) results.

The key to our plans is to add shakes & smoothies to your diet that you enjoy.  That contains exactly the right level of calories and are designed to be easily absorbed.

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