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Fit Club Shakes & Ideal Breakfast IdeasIdeal breakfast ideas

Welcome to the Fit Club Shakes & ideal breakfast club.

Based in Cambridge (and online) we specialise in helping people lose or gain weight, get fit and get better sport & exercise results.

Our fit club shakes and breakfast ideas are quick & easy to make, can be fitted around a hectic schedule and are very effective.

So far we have provided

  • Over 10,000 ‘step by step’ plans
  • Very easy to follow…
  • Using the most effective shakes or smoothies..


Breakfast shakes & smoothies work..

After having helped more than 10,000 clients we have seen lots & lots of different methods people have tried to do to lose or gain weight..

The key to our plans is to add breakfast shakes & smoothies to your diet that you enjoy.  That contain the right level of calories and are designed to be easily absorbed.

Simply follow the links for our recipes & advice .

Would you like your own plan?

Designed to work for you it will show you the ideal breakfast for you

For more information have a look at ‘one to one advice


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